Cloud Solutions for Professional Services

Reached a Tipping Point?

If you're no longer getting the utilization you want and the cash flow you need, maybe it's because your outdated systems no longer fit your growing firm. But broad, generic ERP systems aren't designed for PS firms — with costly installation and ongoing maintenance that diverts focus. How can you get the visibility and control you want without the IT burden and expenses you are not quite ready for?

You need a solution that is designed especially for professional services, and is within reach for growing firms like yours.

Introducing Deltek First — The Perfect Fit

Deltek First is the only cloud-based management solution to serve the complete project lifecycle needs of professional service firms. With a solution that is easy to buy and simple to own, you'll gain visibility across the firm, and more control over people and projects.

The Deltek First suite of solutions for professional services firms includes:

Deltek is committed to your success. As a Deltek First customer you are assigned a Customer Success Manager, who serves as a single point of contact to help you make the most out of your Deltek solution.

Protect and extend the life of your Deltek First solution with an award-winning Deltek Customer Care Support Plan. Our comprehensive plans include the training and support you need to maximize your cloud investment.

A Connected Firm. Connect the entire organization — on a single unified solution

Deltek First for Professional Services delivers critical capabilities to connect your entire firm on a single system. By bringing wider visibility and tighter project control, Deltek First helps you achieve expected utilization from your people, and anticipated profit from their work. Instead of trying to stitch stand-alone sales, project or financial reporting tools into a cumbersome, ill-fitting patchwork, consider the easy-to-buy and simple-to-own advantages Deltek First's unified approach brings to firms of all types and sizes:

  • Higher Utilization — by better control over resources, scope of work, and billable time
  • Accelerated Cash Flow — from faster billing and more accurate invoicing
  • Streamlined Efficiency — by joining people, processes, and information into a single, integrated workflow

Firm-Wide Visibility. To see across clients, resources, work, and results

Accurate plans demand wide visibility — across current work, new opportunities, resource capacity, and even financial status. But what if disconnected stand-alone systems no longer give an accurate picture of your growing firm? Wary of trying to tie it together with an expansive and ill-fitting ERP solution?

Deltek First's firm-wide visibility helps smooth utilization dips and spikes, and even reduce costly non-billable time. By joining all areas of the organization on a single system, growing firms:

  • Bid Confidently — easily access results of past work, resource availability, and current rates
  • Scope Accurately — manage capacity against current workload and expected work
  • Resource Effectively — include talent, experience, preferences with availability and capacity

Project & Financial Control. Correct issues before they impact margin

Your firm is growing more complex — you need control over work-in-process and early warning of potential issues. But when plans need to change, generic stand-alone tools can’t guide people to correct decisions, and disconnected information means results are hidden until it's too late to make changes.

Designed especially for PS organizations, Deltek First brings growing firms control at levels so people make correct adjustments to work still in-process — while you still have time to achieve expected margin. With complete control across the entire firm, Deltek First helps you:

  • See Clearly — into current, forecasted results for all work-in-process
  • Manage Effectively — with alerts and notifications to drive workflow across the firm
  • Bill Promptly — with templates to correctly capture time and accurately bill clients

Insight & Automation. Drive efficiency and improvement

Growth means doing more of what worked well — and eliminating non-billable time. But when profit is lower than expected, the disconnected reports from stand-alone systems can’t easily tell you why. The answer isn’t in more non-billable, internal meetings– you need reliable information in reports you can use.

No more unexplained results: Deltek First delivers accurate, on-demand information across the firm. Now, you can have an informed and knowledgeable organization — without inefficient e-mails, phone calls, or meetings. You can identify the issues behind missed expectations, understand what to change, and gain insight into your firm’s ideal client, service, and resource mix. Deltek First helps your growing firm:

  • React Quickly — using dashboard status of each role’s key project, resource, and financial metrics
  • Understand Completely — from current, accurate information delivered in PS-specific reports
  • Grow Confidently — with insight into the complete relationship among clients, people, work, and results

Easy to Acquire, Simple to Own. Focus on what you do well.

Connecting your firm on a single system can't mean weeks of costly customization and risky ongoing maintenance– yet broad, generic ERP software isn't designed for the unique needs of Professional Services. And why burden your precious IT resources with the hassles of infrastructure set-up and the added responsibilities of support, maintenance, and upgrades? You need a system that fits your firm.

Turn to Deltek First for a solution that's easy to buy, and simple to own. Deltek First is provided as a service via the Internet — and is the only cloud solution purpose-built for PS firms like yours. Deltek First brings you the advantages of a comprehensive solution built especially for professional services — without diverting focus away from growing your firm.

  • Acquire Quickly — economical subscription pricing, and no costly hardware to purchase and prepare
  • Maintain Easily — maintained for you 24/7, by Deltek’s dedicated experts
  • Access Securely — any-time accessibility and security not easily matched by your own IT