Deltek Services

Consulting for Government Contractors

Growing your government business isn’t a single-step process, and Deltek’s Services for Government Contractors support and enhance your Deltek solution every step of the way. With deep industry knowledge and extensive product expertise, Deltek provides a consulting service team that ensures your Costpoint, GCS and IPM platforms fully support your most critical business objectives.

Through our complete portfolio of services—including Assessment Planning, Implementation, Upgrade, Data Conversion, Process Enhancement and Product Development and Extension—we work hard to help you win more, perform more and deliver more through your Deltek investments.

Partner with Deltek to:

  • Extend and enhance the capabilities of your Deltek solution
  • Maximize efficiencies throughout your organization
  • Reduce and manage risks inherent in an enterprise software implementation
  • Ensure quick and effective user adoption to deliver immediate returns

Evaluating the way your business works and how your systems support your business is the first step in evaluating how to improve your most critical processes. Through Deltek’s assessment services, our specialty teams work with your organization to review and analyze the processes that both help and hinder project execution—while providing expert recommendations on how your business can optimize short and long-term performance.

Deltek’s solution implementation services truly maximize the return on your investment by enabling you to quickly implement and leverage the capabilities of your solutions. Providing consulting and project management services specific to the Government Contracting arena, our experienced business consultants deliver the skills and knowledge to both drive positive business results and promote end-user acceptance throughout your organization.

Leveraging our implementation services can help you:

  • Reduce overall time before benefit
  • Increase effective user adoption
  • Mitigate potential implementation or migration risks

With decades of experience in the Government Contracting landscape, we’ve learned a thing or two about streamlining the upgrade process—meaning an absolute minimum hassle for your organization. Our consultants support both the business and technical aspects of product upgrades, offering end-to-end services that get your solutions working for you quickly and effectively.

Why should you upgrade your Deltek solution? Those who upgrade receive:

  • Access to new product features and best practices
  • Ensured compatibility with a range of third-party software
  • Improved support capabilities
  • Expert reviews and recommendations of your existing solution
  • Increased software performance through custom mode ”clean up”

Acquiring a new company, converting a legacy system or cleansing and archiving data are just a few tasks Deltek’s team can plan, lead or support. With extensive experience in data migration and conversion, we work to provide a deep toolbox of solutions to address all your data conversion needs. Deltek’s team has partnered with clients on conversions of all shapes and sizes—meaning we have the expertise and background to support yours.

Some Deltek clients have the need for interfaces that tie to external systems, moving data to or from their Deltek applications. Whether you have a straightforward requirement to move straightforward data, or a complex need that requires extensive customization, Deltek’s team has the proven expertise to design, develop and deliver a solution that fits both your business and technical requirements.

Capabilities of Deltek’s Services teams include:

  • Interface development
  • Customization
  • Product extensions