Leadership Courses

Invest in High-Performing Leaders

Increase your organization’s success through engaging, insightful leadership development training. Developed in partnership with renowned experts in the field, our virtual training modules will ensure your employees acquire the knowledge to lead your organization. When your talent is aligned with your strategic plans and have the skills needed to drive performance, everyone achieves more.


A Leader's Journey Decoded Transforms Managers Into Leaders

Pivotal Leadership

Developed in partnership
with Pivotal Leadership

Through a 7-step video-based leadership training and simulated coaching program, A Leader’s Journey Decoded provides you with the tools, techniques and strategies you’ll need to meet and exceed the expectations of your new leadership position.

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Key Benefits:

  • Accelerated “How To” approach brings new distinction to tried and true methods that are easy to learn and easy to apply
  • Experiential exercises allow you to immediately deploy the tools, techniques and processes learned in your day-to-day (stick with you for a lifetime)
  • Simulated coaching will help you show up in way that others will see, hear and experience your leadership at a heightened level
  • Chat boxes at the end of each module allow you to ask questions and share your experiences with other participants and the program moderators

A Leader’s Journey Decoded takes a practical, yet holistic, approach to leadership development that helps you get the leadership results you want to see now. Participants will step up and step into leadership roles with competence and confidence to meet expectations and achieve results.

Firestarter Speaking/Consulting

Developed in partnership
with Firestarter Consulting

Leadership vs. Management

This engaging virtual training examines the differences between these two important, yet very different, functions performed by successful leaders at all levels. Combining interactive video with a thought provoking workbook, learners will closely examine each of these functional key areas.

At the end of this course, the learner will know the difference between managing and leading, how to perform both better and why understanding this information is important and matters to them as they progress within their career path.

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Generations in the Workplace

Learn to understand why people within each generation think and act the way they do. This virtual course will provide the learner with information to work better, smarter and more collaboratively with members of each generation in the workplace today. The payoff will be better relationships that yield better teamwork and greater success.

At the end of this course, the learner will understand generational issues related to managing and leading your organization, and why understanding this information is important and matters to them as they progress within their career path.


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