Project Manufacturing Resources

Deltek project manufacturing software was specifically designed to address the unique regulatory and operational needs of complex, discrete manufacturing firms. Time, materials, and shop floor activities are tracked at the most detailed levels. Companies can produce, in a matter of minutes or hours, the invoices, project status reports, procurement requests, and consolidated financial statements that it would take weeks or months to produce using more traditional approaches. Deltek project manufacturing software suite offers solutions for Materials Management, Orders, Estimates and Schedules, and Manufacturing Execution.

Our resources center takes you through the latest Project Manufacturing Product Sheets, White Papers, Customer Testimonials, Demos and Webcasts. Browse through our comprehensive offerings and learn how Deltek’s project manufacturing solutions can help improve efficiency, quality and compliance, and deliver on LEAN and paperless manufacturing objectives.

  • Cheat Sheet: The Five S’s of Lean Manufacturing
    Remember these five concepts that all begin with S, and you’ll memorize a systematic way to reduce waste and optimize productivity. Download The Five S’s of Lean Manufacturing to get a good start on your Lean journey.
  • Cheat Sheet: Track Your Inventory by Project
    For the project manufacturer the definition of inventory can be a bit complicated. Of course, an asset inventory that includes raw materials, work in process, and finished goods is still a viable option, and many times the project manufacturer will have spare inventory or commercial work as well. Download this cheat sheet, Track Your Inventory by Project, for a list of other considerations, which vary depending on the project type.
  • Cheat Sheet: Count Your Manufacturing Costs
    Project-based businesses is simply a company that generates the majority of — or at least a large portion of — its revenue from managing and delivering projects for its clients. It’s critical to analyze all direct and indirect costs related to these projects. Download this cheat sheet, Count Your Manufacturing Costs, that spells out direct, indirect and overhead costs and ways that they’re tracked.
  • Cheat Sheet: Project Manufacturing for Dummies: 10 Myths about Project Manufacturing
    The 10 Myths about Project Manufacturing cheat sheet is able to clear the fog on common misconceptions and give way to clear understanding to the basic principles and practices in the industry. Download the 10 Myths about Project Manufacturing to demolish a number of myths that stand in the way of understanding how to get ahead in your project-based business.
  • Industry Trends Report: Transforming Project-Based Operations
    Profitable Programs research study: Transforming Project-based Operations takes a comprehensive look at the current state of the project-based manufacturing and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) industry.
  • Information Flow for Agility, Compliance & Performance in Project Manufacturing
    This report uncovers how the timely and integrated information flow from manufacturing executive systems (MES) allows companies to increase productivity and profitability.
  • Material Management and Accounting System Compliance for Project Manufacturers
    This whitepaper reviews the 10 elements of Material Management and Accounting System (MMAS) compliance, how MMAS audits work and what you can do to stay compliant.
  • Project Manufacturers Lean objectives Infographic
    From reduced scrap, paper and storage costs, to turbo charging your cash flow the benefits of an MES system are undeniable. Glimpse five key areas your project manufacturing business could experience real savings.
  • Risk Adjusted Planning — The New Wave
    We polled over 300 firms to understand how they manage project impacts and accelerate performance. Find out what we learned about risk management and the new holy grail of on-time, on-budget performance.
  • ARINC Customer Case Study
    Defense comunications and engineering contractor uses Costpoint MES to successfully expand into the MRO market.
  • ARINC Customer Success Video
    Carl Mackay, Director of Business Operations at ARINC, discusses the move from spreadsheets to a fully integraed Costpoint MES system.
  • Next Generation Project Insight
    Download the on-demand webinar, Next Generation Project Insight, and see how a single project attribute can become the starting point for a whole new world of unique insight into your project performance.
  • Project Manufacturing for Dummies: Lean Manufacturing – What Does It Mean to You?
    Learn how to leverage Costpoint Project Manufacturing solutions to support meeting your organization's LEAN goals. Throw away the paper, and provide low-touch options to capture your key production data to reduce costs, measure performance and support continuous improvement.
  • What is Project Manufacturing?
    Learn how to avoid common project manufacturing challenges that, if not managed properly, could lead to an increase in production costs, compromised quality, more rework, increased manufacturing and lead cycle times and erosion of profit.
  • Chart Your Course to Manufacturing Process Excellence
    Download this free on demand webinar Chart Your Course to Manufacturing Process Excellence for insight into the need for process maturity for project-based manufacturers.
  • Deltek & Orbital: Improving Efficiency and Quality with MES
    Learn how Orbital Sciences Corporation is working with Deltek's project manufacturing solutions to address ISO9000, ISO9001, LEAN and paperless manufacturing objectives.
  • Transforming Project-Based Operations
    The manufacturing industry is facing challenges including the recent government sequester, skills shortages and high levels of outsourcing and uncertainty. Learn how companies improve performance despite these market challenges.