Deltek Acumen Risk
Deltek Acumen Risk

Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis tools don’t have to be complicated in order for them to provide true and accurate risk forecasts. Deltek offers Deltek Acumen Risk, a full-featured, easy-to-use cost and schedule risk analysis tool.

Acumen Risk: Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Acumen Risk is a Monte Carlo risk analysis tool combining true cost and schedule risk analysis against a native project plan together with identified risk events from a project risk register.

Clear. Accurate. User Friendly.

Accurately capturing risk scores and uncertainty ranges is arguably the weakest link in the road to accurate risk exposure forecasting. This challenge has been overcome using Acumen Risk’s Uncertainty Factor approach: a simple-to-use sliding scale that project teams can actually relate to. No more painful risk workshops trying to identify cost and schedule risk using complex, out-of-context statistical terminology.

Risk Analysis & Risk Register Combined

Combine this with the flexibility of the Acumen Risk risk register, capturing both current state and your targeted mitigated state, enabling you to analyze the cost-benefit of executing your planned mitigation steps. In short: determine the most cost and schedule effective risk response plans.

Cost & Schedule – Truly Integrated

Cost risk exposure doesn’t occur in isolation of schedule risk. Acumen Risk provides you an easy means of linking schedule risk to cost risk so that you can determine the impact of schedule delays on your project cost estimate.

Acumen Risk combines high fidelity risk analysis with an easy-to-use project-team oriented user interface – your perfect risk workshop, in a streamlined risk tool…