Deltek Talent Learning

Maximize Employee Learning

Deltek Talent Learning

Cross-training and investing in your employees’ learning is essential for corporate growth and productivity. Businesses must invest in employee training and development to keep up with the ever-changing skill and competency requirements dictated by evolving industries.

Deltek Talent Management Learning module enables you to house a full catalog of instructor-led, online or external courses. It also gives you the ability to create and automatically assign curricula to new hires or for particular job families, organizational units, locations or job roles.

Deltek Talent Management can help you:

  • Coordinate learning programs with the management of locations, rooms, and equipment
  • Keep track of all employees' internal and external certifications and expiration dates
  • Manage resources by keeping an inventory of online and physical items and track which employee has reserved or “checked out” the resource
  • Reveal hidden skills, competencies and achievements by enabling employees to record training gained prior to joining your company

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