Deltek Talent Acquisition

Acquire the Best Talent Fast

Deltek Talent Aquisition

Sourcing for talent is where it all starts. If the tools for this process are insufficient or too difficult to use, the job becomes that much harder. Deltek Talent Acquisition provides an intuitive interface, the components needed for the entire application-to-hire process, employee recruitment, wizard-type workflow management for ease of use, and hundreds of personalization options.

Start sourcing talent faster and smarter. Deltek Talent Acquisition improves hiring productivity with more efficient recruiting processes, making it easier to assess qualified candidates and hire the right people.

With Deltek Talent Acquisition you’ll be able to:

  • Source qualified talent
  • Streamline the recruiting process
  • Increase recruiter productivity
  • Track hiring milestones
  • Quickly onboard new hires

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