Time & Expense Capabilities

Comply with Regulations

Comply With Regulations – Time Collection

Feature Benefit
Audit Trail Track all changes (original entry, correcting entry, person responsible for the change, date and time of change, reason for change) to timesheets for DCAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance purposes.
State Overtime Laws Capture information required to substantiate overtime usage in certain states, such as minimum and maximum hours per day, week, or timesheet period. Require certain employees to record time in/out.
Daily Floor Check Increase compliance with company time recording policies by automatically notifying employees and supervisors when employees fail to record their labor in a timely manner.
Internal Controls Standardize system access rights using a combination of Security and Functional roles to support stronger internal controls and segregation of duties.


Comply With Regulations – Expense

Feature Benefit
Control and Compliance Track all changes to submitted expense reports including original entry, correcting entry, date/time changed, user making the change, and reason for the change for Sarbanes-Oxley and internal control audits using the embedded audit trail in the expense report.
Government Policy Compliance Comply with government entertainment, mileage, and lodging and per diem reimbursement policies via entry wizards that capture all required information for expenses and default the allowable rates as mandated by governmental agencies including the IRS and DCAA.