Time & Expense Capabilities

Increase Employee Productivity

Reduce Employee Administrative Time – Time Collection

Feature Benefit
Customizable Timesheet Reduce submittal time by allowing employees to organize their timesheet in views that make the most sense for them, such as changing column sizes, sorting data by charge type (project, labor code, pay type, etc.), and controlling Desktop views and language settings.
Charge Lookups Lower submittal time by allow employees to view their pre-assigned charges for easy selection and addition to their timesheet. Reduce charge entry time spent on finding correct projects using wildcard searches, either by charge number or description.
Charge Auto-Loading Streamline submittal process by allowing employees to create lists of frequently used charges for easy retrieval, saving search time. Select certain charges to be “Auto-Loaded” on the next timesheet, eliminating the time required to build a timesheet from week to week.
Offline Timesheet Record labor when an internet connection is not available.
Leave balance inquiries Reduce calls to payroll to determine available leave balances via an online inquiry.
Automatic Notifications & Approval Routings Lower costs of manually notifying and routing timesheet via an embedded Workflow engine that automatically sends Tasks, Alerts, and/or emails to employees, approvers, administrators, and other users. Automatically notify employees who have timesheets that are missing for a particular day, need signing, need approval, have been rejected, and many other statuses.
Correcting Timesheet Reversals Cut the time required to charge processed timesheets using the Reverse Line or Reverse Timesheet functions, that automatically back out unwanted entries (while keeping the audit trail intact).

Reduce Employee Administrative Time – Expense

Feature Benefit
Total Browser Deployment 100% web based delivery of all forms and approval processes eliminates paper-based submission and approval cycles, shorting expense entry time and speeding up expense reimbursement.
Auto Create Expense Report from Expense Authorization Cut expense creation time by automatically building an expense report from a previously submitted Travel Authorization, reducing expense submission time.
Charge Auto-Defaulting Cut expense submission time by automatically defaulting repetitive employee and project data using the extensive employee and charge defaulting logic in Deltek Expense.
Favorites List Reduce time employees spend entering frequently-used projects on their expense reports using the Favorites List.
Workflow-Based Alerts Instantly alert employees when an expense report has been approved, rejected, processed, or paid thereby reducing inquiries into the status of a particular expense report using the systems embedded Workflow engine.
Automatic JTR (Joint Travel Regulations) and FTR (Federal Travel Regulations) rate defaulting Eliminate the need for employees going to external sources (paper, files, or other web sites) for the latest government CONUS (Continental United States) and OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) Lodging and Per Diem rates via on-line rate defaulting based on their location.
Charge Splitting Reduce employee expense entry time by allowing them to easily allocate expenses among multiple projects (by percentage or amount) using the Charge Splitting feature.

Reduce Employee Administrative Time – Employee Self-Service

Feature Benefit
Interview Style Elections Cut the time employees spend completing benefit elections via an interview-style online form. Customizable instructions can be tailored to your benefits packages, and improve employee understanding of what they are required to enter. Using Deltek Employee Expense, most employees can complete the entire benefits election process in less than 10 minutes.
Browser-based HR and Payroll Access Eliminate the need for employees to request paper forms, from HR or Payroll, and also eliminate timing issues due to mailing and invalid entries.