Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Solutions for Government Contractors

Pursuing government business is highly competitive. You need timely information on contracts, agencies, companies, and contacts in order to successfully compete and win. So often it comes down to the network – the contractor with the most connections, wins.

Deltek understands how to jump start those connections for government contractors. Deltek's information solutions cut the time required to gather information, enhance win rates with more accurate intelligence, and help create new opportunities by identifying potential teaming partners. We've worked with thousands of government contractors to help them make more informed bids, faster—reducing business development costs and increasing win rates.

Deltek's information solutions help government contractors reduce business development costs and increase win rates with:

Comprehensive Market Intelligence:

  • Real-time access to information on the trillions of dollars available in government contracts
  • Access to hard-to-find statements of work on top programs and federal task orders in the billions of dollars
  • Analysis of labor rates across vendors to inform bidding decisions

In-depth Customer Profiling:

  • Detailed profiles on federal, state, and local government agencies including pain points and purchasing preferences
  • Organizational charts to identify key decision makers and influencers
  • Insight into government technology trends to enhance your corporate positioning


  • Reliable contact information for key program managers, contracting officials and senior executives to save valuable research time
  • Data on prime federal contractors and small businesses to identify teaming partners and gather competitive intelligence