Government Contracting

Across the board, government contractors — regardless of industry served — have never faced a more challenging business climate. Margins are razor thin. Audit pressures and reporting requirements are at an all-time high. And yet, competition to capture and keep business has never been more fierce.

You need solutions that help you stay on top of the entire project lifecycle, despite the many complexities, so you can drive your business forward, profitably.

With thousands of government contractor customers and decades of deep industry experience, Deltek understands the challenges you face and has the proven enterprise software and information solutions to help. Built on the principles of visibility, speed and accuracy, our solutions help you better manage your project-driven organization so you can improve performance, reduce complexity and reduce risk.

Deltek offers solutions for government contractors serving the following industries:

Aerospace & Defense: Get the integration and visibility you need to successfully manage long product lifecycles and project-driven manufacturing. learn more >>

Energy & Environmental: Improve project visibility, inform decision making and increase profitability despite strict regulations and rising costs. learn more >>

Engineering, Procurement and Construction: Deliver on-time, in-scope, and under budget and meet prescribed performance guarantees. learn more >>

Management and IT Consulting: Overcome complexity, cost pressures and compliance requirements by optimizing business processes. learn more >>

Nonprofit: Stay focused on your core mission despite a drop in giving, increased competition for funds and stiffer reporting requirements. learn more >>

Oil, Gas & Chemicals: Planning, forecasting and analyzing solutions for the most accurate and reliable projects – when it simply has to be on time. learn more >>

Project Manufacturing: Handle complex procedures with visibility, flexibility and simplicity to ensure smart business decisions and continually improve processes. learn more >>