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A demand for more energy is a constant in today’s world. Investment in satisfying this growing need for discovering and providing more usable energy comes in two forms:

New Facilities

Capital investment (CAPEX) in new facilities, transmission lines & pipelines and processing plants is at a historic all-time high. Hand in hand with this is the commercial risk that is at stake. Many new energy facility projects run into the tens and tens of billions of dollars, so effective management of both time and cost of these projects is paramount. As the required investment and associated number of stakeholders of these projects increases, the complexity and risk-exposure increases as well. Completing late and over budget is simply not an option.

Shutdowns & Turnarounds

During operations, planned shutdowns and turnarounds (TAR) is equally important, ensuring that the investment continues to produce the energy and/or commodity that it was designed to provide. Typically much shorter in duration than CAPEX projects, time is money so the faster a plant can complete a TAR, the faster it can be back in operation again.

Deltek’s Experience

Deltek’s experience in upstream, midstream and downstream CAPEX and TAR projects is unprecedented. Our diagnostic and project analytics software tools and risk workshops together help hundreds of the world’s largest energy providers execute the soundest schedules with the highest probability for success.

We understand both the complexities and the subtleties of what’s involved in these projects and our user base and proven results in this field reflect this.

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