Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management Solutions for Professional Services

When it comes to managing a business built on delivering complex projects, professional services firms can have a challenging time ensuring decisions are based on fact. Having access to accurate information in real-time is critical for sound strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making. Manually sifting through vast volumes of mission-critical, project-related data isn't effective. You need easy access to actionable insights that can help you anticipate business needs and position your business for success.

Working with the vast majority of the world's top professional services firms, Deltek has gained a deep understanding of your challenges and offers business performance management solutions that help you synthesize data from multiple sources and across the organization so you can make smarter, faster information-based decisions. Flexible reports, graphical dashboards, ad-hoc querying, and rich analytics help you to identify trends and root cause and to share reports for collaborative decision-making.

Deltek's business performance management solutions provide professional services firms with:

Accurate Insight:

  • Access a complete view of all business data in detail at any given time
  • Get immediate answers through ad-hoc queries and up-to-date dashboards
  • Increase forecast accuracy with historical comparisons, metrics, and trends

Timely Reporting:

  • Choose from a library of reports designed for professional services organizations
  • Quickly edit and personalize reports or create your own without IT assistance
  • Track and align day-to-day operations with overall business strategies and trends

Collaborative Planning:

  • Share reports and engage in discussions online to improve planning results
  • Empower business and line managers to help streamline operations, enhance profitability, and develop new service initiatives
  • Include remote and mobile employees around the globe in planning and decision-making